Where Can I Get A Front License Plate Installed?

Having a front license plate installed on your vehicle is not only a legal requirement in many places but also a safety measure and a way to showcase compliance with regulations. However, getting one installed might not always be as straightforward as it seems. 

Whether you’re a new vehicle owner or simply in need of a replacement or installation service, various options are available for you to consider. Here’s a comprehensive guide on where you can get a front license plate installed.


When a car requires maintenance or installation, its owners frequently go to dealerships first. Dealerships usually include license plate installation in their services when you buy a new car. 

You can find out about replacement possibilities at the dealership where you purchased your car if your front license plate is broken or lost. However, in comparison to other options, dealership services may be more expensive.

Auto Body Shops

Auto body shops are a good option for installing front license plates because they specialize in car customisation and repairs. Front plate installation is a service that many car body shops provide for license plate installation. 

They possess the equipment and knowledge needed to guarantee a correct installation without endangering your car. If you want a customized touch, auto body shops can help with unique installs or alterations.

Local Mechanics

Local Mechanics

  • Local mechanics offer a convenient and accessible option for front license plate installation, and they can also provide advice on ‘what to do with old license plates in New York.
  • They usually have the necessary tools and experience to ensure a secure and proper fit.
  • Supporting local mechanics can contribute to your community’s economy.
  • This option is often more personalized and cost-effective compared to larger service centers.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

The government agency in charge of license and registration of automobiles is the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Some areas have DMV offices that can help with front license plate installation or tell you where to get it done. 

The DMV can help you register your car and get the required license plates if you recently moved to a new state or nation.

Specialty Shops

CustomizationOffer unique and personalized services
ExpertiseSkilled in car customization and accessories
QualityHigh-quality materials and workmanship
CostTypically higher than standard services
Turnaround TimeMay vary depending on customization level

Specialty shops provide tailored and high-quality front license plate installation services, perfect for those seeking a unique look. While more expensive, the expertise and customization options are often worth the investment.

Online Retailers

Online Retailers

Online stores provide a handy way to buy front license plate installation kits and accessories in this era of e-commerce. From the convenience of your home, you can peruse a large assortment of mounting brackets, frames, and hardware. 

To assist you in making judgements, a lot of online businesses also offer thorough product descriptions, user evaluations, and fun activities like ‘What’s The License Plate Game?’

Remember that even while internet stores can provide the parts you need, you will still need to install the front license plate on your own or get help from an expert.

Car Dealerships and Service Centers

  • Car dealerships often provide front license plate installation as part of their comprehensive service package for new and used vehicles.
  • Service centers affiliated with dealerships employ skilled technicians who can professionally install license plates.
  • This option ensures that your license plate is installed correctly and securely according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Using dealership service centers for license plate installation can save time and offer peace of mind with guaranteed quality service.

Hardware Stores

Convenient Locations: Hardware stores are often conveniently located in many neighborhoods, making them easily accessible for quick purchases.

Diverse Inventory: They offer a wide range of products, from tools and fasteners to DIY kits and installation hardware, catering to various needs.

Expert Assistance: Knowledgeable staff can provide expert advice and guidance on selecting the right materials and tools for your projects.

DIY Solutions: Hardware stores are great for DIY enthusiasts, providing all the necessary supplies for home improvement and repair tasks.

Mobile Installation Services

Mobile Installation Services

Use mobile installation providers that come to your place to install front license plates for even more ease. These services provide on-site installation without requiring you to visit a physical facility, they function similarly to mobile auto detailing or repair services. 

The tools and equipment required for a successful installation are carried by mobile installers, saving you time and trouble.

DIY Installation

You can install your front license plate yourself if you’re handy with tools and like do-it-yourself tasks. The majority of cars include mounting points or pre-drilled holes where license plates can be mounted. 

An automotive store or internet vendor may sell you a front license plate kit, to install it, just follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

To stay out of trouble with the law, make sure you abide by local laws governing the positioning and visibility of license plates.


What are the common places to install a front license plate?

Dealerships, auto repair shops, specialty automotive shops, DMVs, and mobile vehicle services are common options.

Can I install a front license plate myself?

Yes, with a DIY installation kit, you can install a front license plate on your own.

Do dealerships offer front license plate installation?

Yes, many dealerships provide front license plate installation as part of their post-purchase services.


Installing a front license plate on your car comes in a few different forms. Ensuring compliance with legal standards and suitable mounting techniques is crucial, regardless of your preference for DIY installation or internet purchases, or for professional installation services from dealerships, auto body shops, or local mechanics. 

You can install a front license plate in a way that best suits your needs and tastes by looking through these possibilities.

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