How Much Is A Custom License Plate In Massachusetts?

Custom license plates offer drivers a unique opportunity to express themselves through their vehicle registration. In Massachusetts, residents have the option to personalize their license plates for an additional fee.

Understanding the process and costs associated with obtaining a custom license plate is essential for those looking to add a personal touch to their vehicle. Let’s delve into the details of custom license plates in Massachusetts.

Overview of Custom License Plates in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, custom license plates, also known as vanity plates, allow drivers to personalize their vehicle registration with a combination of letters and numbers of their choice. 

These plates offer a way for individuals to showcase their interests, hobbies, or simply their name or initials on their vehicle. 

Custom plates can be a fun and unique way to stand out on the road and add a personal touch to your car, truck, or motorcycle.

Cost of Custom License Plates

Cost of Custom License Plates

Obtaining a custom license plate in Massachusetts comes with an additional fee on top of the standard registration fees. The cost varies depending on several factors, including the type of vehicle and the duration of the registration period. Here’s a breakdown of the costs associated with custom license plates in Massachusetts:

Initial Application Fee

When applying for a custom license plate, drivers must pay an initial application fee. This fee covers the processing of the custom plate request and varies depending on the type of vehicle.

Annual Renewal Fee

In addition to the initial application fee, drivers with custom license plates must pay an annual renewal fee to maintain their personalized plate. This fee is typically due at the time of registration renewal and helps cover administrative costs associated with the custom plate program.

Cost Breakdown of Custom License Plates

Vehicle TypeInitial Application FeeAnnual Renewal Fee
Passenger Car$75$50
Commercial Truck$75$150

Process of Obtaining a Custom License Plate

The process of obtaining a custom license plate in Massachusetts is relatively straightforward but requires careful consideration of the desired combination of letters and numbers. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a custom license plate:

Choose Your Plate Combination

Before applying for a custom license plate, decide on the combination of letters and numbers you want to display on your plate. Keep in mind that certain combinations may already be taken or restricted by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).

Check Availability

Use the RMV’s online tool to check the availability of your desired plate combination, including considerations like ‘Do Motorcycles Need License Plate Lights?‘ This tool allows you to see if your preferred combination is available or if variations are suggested.

Submit Application

Once you’ve chosen an available plate combination, submit an application for a custom license plate through the RMV’s website or visit a local RMV office in person. Be prepared to pay the initial application fee at this time.

Wait for Approval

After submitting your application, the RMV will review your request and approve your custom plate if it meets all requirements. This process may take several weeks, so be patient while awaiting approval.

Receive Your Plate

Once your custom plate is approved, you will receive it in the mail along with any registration documents or stickers required for your vehicle. Install the plate on your vehicle according to Massachusetts regulations.

Important Considerations

Important Considerations

Character Limit: Massachusetts imposes a character limit on custom license plates to ensure they are legible and conform to state regulations. Custom plates can contain up to seven characters, including letters, numbers, and spaces.

Restrictions: The RMV enforces certain restrictions on custom plate combinations to prevent offensive or inappropriate messages. Before submitting your application, review the RMV’s guidelines to ensure your desired plate combination complies with these restrictions.


Can anyone get a custom license plate in Massachusetts?

Custom license plates are available to any vehicle owner in Massachusetts for an additional fee.

Are there any restrictions on what can be displayed on a custom license plate?

Yes, the Massachusetts RMV enforces restrictions to ensure custom plate combinations are not offensive or inappropriate.

Can I transfer my custom license plate to another vehicle?

Yes, you can transfer your custom plate to another vehicle you own for a fee.


Custom license plates offer drivers in Massachusetts the opportunity to personalize their vehicles and showcase their individuality on the road. 

While obtaining a custom plate requires an additional fee and careful consideration of available combinations, the end result can be a fun and unique way to stand out among other vehicles. 

By understanding the process and costs associated with custom license plates, Massachusetts residents can add a personal touch to their vehicle registration and express themselves through their license plate.

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