How Much Is A Custom License Plate In Utah?

In the state of Utah, custom license plates offer drivers the opportunity to personalize their vehicles with unique messages or designs. However, before diving into the world of custom license plates, it’s essential to understand the process, costs, and regulations associated with obtaining one.

Types of Custom License Plates in Utah

Type of PlateDescription
Personalized PlatesCustom message or phrase chosen by the driver
Specialty PlatesUnique designs representing various interests
Organizational PlatesAffiliated with specific organizations or groups
Military PlatesHonoring veterans or active-duty military personnel
Collegiate PlatesFeaturing logos or symbols of universities

Utah offers a variety of custom license plates to suit diverse interests and affiliations, ranging from personalized messages to designs representing specific organizations or causes.

Cost of Custom License Plates in Utah

Cost of Custom License Plates in Utah

The cost of obtaining a custom license plate in Utah varies depending on the type of plate and any additional fees associated with personalization or specialty designs. Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved:

Standard Personalized Plates

The initial cost for personalized plates in Utah is $43, which includes a $25 plate fee and a $18 personalization fee. There’s also an annual renewal fee of $10 in addition to regular registration fees.

Specialty Plates

The cost of specialty plates varies depending on the design and organization. Some specialty plates require an additional donation or contribution to the affiliated cause or organization.

Organizational Plates

Organizational plates may have different pricing structures depending on the sponsoring organization’s requirements. Costs typically include a combination of plate fees, organization fees, and any additional contributions.

Military Plates

Military plates may have reduced fees or special pricing for veterans and active-duty service members. Eligibility criteria and pricing information can be obtained through the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles.

Process of Obtaining a Custom License Plate

Obtaining a custom license plate in Utah involves several steps:

Choose Your Plate Type: Determine whether you want a personalized plate, specialty plate, organizational plate, or military plate based on your preferences and eligibility.

Check Availability: Use the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles’ online portal to check the availability of your desired combination of letters and numbers for personalized plates.

Submit Application: Complete the necessary application form for the type of plate you wish to obtain. This may include providing personal information, vehicle details, and any required documentation or certifications.

Pay Fees: Pay the required fees for your custom license plate, including any plate fees, personalization fees, and additional contributions for specialty or organizational plates.

Wait for Approval: Allow time for your application to be processed and approved by the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles. Once approved, you will receive your custom license plate or instructions for pickup.

Install Plate: Install your custom license plate on your vehicle following the provided instructions and guidelines, ensuring compliance with Utah’s regulations, including requirements such as ‘Do Motorcycles Need License Plate Lights?’

Regulations and Restrictions

Regulations and Restrictions

While custom license plates offer drivers a way to express themselves creatively, there are regulations and restrictions in place to maintain appropriateness and legality:

Character Limit

In Utah, personalized plates for standard passenger vehicles are limited to a maximum of 7 characters. For motorcycles, the limit is 6 characters.

Prohibited Content

The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles prohibits personalized plate combinations that are offensive, vulgar, or misleading. Plates containing profanity, obscenities, or references to illegal activities will be rejected.

Trademarked Names

Custom plates cannot contain trademarked names or phrases without proper authorization from the trademark owner.

Renewal Requirements

Custom license plates must be renewed annually along with vehicle registration. Failure to renew your custom plate may result in fines or penalties.

Plate Placement

Utah’s regulations require drivers to affix custom license plates to the front and rear of the vehicle. Plates should be clearly visible and unobstructed by any accessories or attachments.


How do I apply for a personalized license plate in Utah?

To apply for a personalized plate, visit the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles website. Follow the instructions for online application submission.

Can I transfer my personalized plate to another vehicle?

The same individual who owns another vehicle can transfer personalized plates in Utah to it upon paying a transfer fee.

Can I get a refund if my personalized plate application is denied?

In Utah, regardless of whether the application is approved or denied, the personalization fee for custom plates is non-refundable.


Custom license plates offer drivers in Utah a fun and creative way to personalize their vehicles and showcase their interests or affiliations. While the process of obtaining a custom plate involves some paperwork and fees, the opportunity to express oneself on the road is well worth it for many drivers. 

Drivers in Utah can navigate the process of custom license plates with ease. They just need to understand the types, costs, and regulations associated with them. They can then enjoy their unique plates for years to come.

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