Where To Put Front License Plate?

When it comes to where to place your front license plate, there are several factors to consider. From legal requirements to aesthetic preferences, finding the right location for your front license plate can sometimes be a dilemma. 

In this article, we’ll explore the various options available and provide insights into the best practices for mounting your front license plate.

Legal Considerations

In many jurisdictions, displaying a front license plate on your vehicle is a legal requirement. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines or other penalties. Therefore, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the specific laws governing front license plate placement in your area.

Front Bumper Mounting

One of the most common and straightforward options for mounting a front license plate is on the front bumper.


  • Easy installation.
  • Provides visibility for law enforcement and automatic license plate recognition systems.


  • May affect the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle.
  • Vulnerable to damage in accidents or collisions.

Grille Mounting

Grille Mounting

Mounting the front license plate on the vehicle’s grille is another popular choice, especially for vehicles with minimal space on the front bumper.


  • Preserves the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle’s front bumper.
  • Offers a unique placement option for personalized customization.


  • May obstruct airflow to the radiator, leading to potential overheating issues.
  • Reduced visibility for automatic license plate recognition systems.

Underneath the Hood Mounting

For drivers looking to maintain a clean front profile without sacrificing legality, mounting the front license plate underneath the hood is a viable solution.


  • Completely hides the license plate when not in use.
  • Protects the plate from damage or theft.


  • Requires modification to the vehicle’s hood or engine compartment.
  • Limited visibility for law enforcement and automatic license plate recognition systems.

Tow Hook Mounting

Some vehicles come equipped with a front tow hook attachment point, which can be utilized for mounting the front license plate.


  • Provides a secure mounting location without drilling into the vehicle’s body.
  • Maintains the aesthetic integrity of the front bumper.


  • Limited availability on certain vehicle models.
  • May require the purchase of aftermarket mounting brackets.

Custom Mounting Solutions

Custom Mounting Solutions

For drivers seeking a truly unique and personalized approach to front license plate placement, custom mounting solutions offer endless possibilities. Have you ever wondered, ‘what does new Mexico License Plate look like?’ Let’s explore further!


  • Allows for creative expression and customization.
  • Can be tailored to suit the vehicle’s design aesthetic.


  • May require professional fabrication or installation.
  • Compliance with legal requirements may vary depending on the design.

Choosing the Right Option

Legal ComplianceEnsure compliance with local regulations.
Aesthetic AppealBalance between aesthetics and visibility.
PracticalityEvaluate installation difficulty and maintenance.
PersonalizationConsider custom options for unique expressions.
SafetyPrioritize visibility and security.

Consider each criterion carefully to make an informed decision about where to place your front license plate.


Is it mandatory to display a front license plate?

Yes, in many jurisdictions, it’s a legal requirement to display a front license plate on your vehicle.

Can I mount the front license plate on my vehicle’s grille?

Yes, you can mount the front license plate on the grille, but ensure it doesn’t obstruct airflow to the radiator.

Are there alternative mounting options available?

Yes, alternatives like under the hood mounting or utilizing the tow hook attachment point exist for a cleaner front profile.


Determining where to put your front license plate involves careful consideration of legal requirements, aesthetic preferences, and practical concerns. 

Whether you opt for a traditional bumper mount, a custom-designed solution, or something entirely unconventional, prioritize safety, legality, and personalization when making your decision. 

By choosing the right mounting option, you can ensure that your front license plate remains securely and visibly attached while complementing the overall look of your vehicle.

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